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CREATING A GOOD CLOAKROOM bathroom that will benefit you is all about finding space saving solutions that make the room feel uncluttered and are to your tastes. For example, a well positioned basin can make all the difference to the feel of the room. Here are a few things to think about when planning and designing a cloakroom:

WHEN YOU ARE DESIGNING your cloakroom, make sure you have all your measurements correct. This is important with any bathroom, but particularly with a small space as there isn’t room for error!

DESPITE A CLOAKROOM  bathroom being small, there are many options available to customers here at Emmo Plumbing ltd, so you can still design your space the way you want to. Space saving design ideas include a small handbasin, Back-to-wall WCs and wall hung mirror cabinets. This way you can have storage space without taking up floor space, which will inevitably make the room feel smaller. Mirrors are also a good way of giving the illusion of space as they reflect light.

WHEN DECORATING a cloakroom, it is best to keep the area as light and airy as possible, as darker colours will only make the room feel smaller than it is.

You will also need to consider which lighting would best suit the room, as you want to create as much light as possible. If practical, natural light is always the best, but if not make sure you have enough lighting for the room, and maybe consider investing in some halogen spot lights that mimic natural light.en planning and designing a cloakroom:

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